Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Friday!!!

Do you ever get tired of hearing about how I've been working on cleaning/clearing my house? I was going to start this post off with that but decided I'll save it for another time.....maybe with pictures.

This morning I was going to put in a session at the torch, but the more I thought about how much time I have before I need to run off to the school, I decided that it was best if I wait and maybe save it for tomorrow. Jim is taking Duncan to school today for Dad's & Donuts. A neat little thing the school has for spending a little time with their Dad (Father figure). They also do Mom's & Muffins later in the year. Pretty cool!

Speaking of Dads. The boys are off to their Dads again this weekend. I would say this is a good thing however if the past is an indication of things to come........well, lets just say that if I go into a tirade over my ex I'll be sitting here for awhile venting, so I'll just let it go for now. At least the boys are having fun for the moment.

I just finished another ring. This one is totally different from what I've been doing & follows in the footsteps of Eni again. I love her creative side!! I should have pictures of it tomorrow or Sunday. I'm starting another one this morning since lampworking is not going to happen.

Sunday is the bead show with my Mom & I'm really on the look out for some cool stones! Those are always fun!

Time to get on with my day! Enjoy your Friday!

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