Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good Morning!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. We didn't get an extra day to sleep in but it was worth the appointment for my oldest son for his side ache. We ended up going down to Children's Hospital in Seattle. Wow, what a great place!! I was very impressed with the nurse practioner that saw him. She asked a lot of questions I'm pretty sure that we have the cause narrowed down and a lot of fiber and some extra therapy should take care of things but it's going to take a few months to get things back to normal.

I've finished one of the rings. I really like this one. It has a big heart shaped rose quartz with just a touch of beading. I should have some pictures tomorrow. I was going to put charms on it but changed my mind because I thought it would take away from the shape of the stone. I'm also in the middle of something different as far as rings go. I was inspired by Eni again and this one has a fushia turquoise stone in it. It's not quite done but should be finished tonight.

I'll be heading off to a gem show this weekend with my Mom. I love looking at and being inspired by all the goodies they have!

Today is a listing day for me and maybe I'll get the kiln going later.

Enjoy your Tuesday!!

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