Monday, February 26, 2007

Back To Normal.....

A sampling of my latest work...

It has been one heck of a busy couple of weeks. Things are evening out again.....yeah!

I don't have much up in the way of auctions right now but that should (hopefully) change by the end of the week. I was trying to get some things up on etsy but they having some server issues so today might not be the day for that. I have a bunch of lampwork items sitting in front of me waiting to go up for auction so today will probably be a listing day (later).

I headed to a rock & gem show with my Mom this weekend. I didn't buy anything but she found some "rocks" for her creativity. We also paid a visit to the local Ben Franklin. I was wearing some of my "hand crafted" jewelry & one of the sales people really liked what I had on which led to her asking if I would be interested in teaching a talked to Jim & the kids. The boys aren't really happy about it. They really like the "normalcy" of having Mom around but I think it's time for me to start making them a little more independant of Mom. Jim is thrilled & I am too so I'll be calling the woman back around the end of this week so we can set up a meeting. I'm pretty excited & a little nervous too, but I really feel ready for this kind of a change.

I've finally reached the point of being able to go out in public without a hat or scarf on my head. However I'm really not fond of all the grey hair I've aquired over the years & will be taking care of that over the next day or so.

I'm outta here.....enjoy your week!

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