Saturday, February 03, 2007

Here's The Picture

Yeah! The picture button is working today. As you can see the bracelet is a simple design but fun. You get to do a little hammering too, which I enjoy. The teacher did tell us to elaborate for homework & maybe even make a pair of matching earrings for homework. I do love copper (even if it is the cheap stuff).

I got my living room closet cleaned out yesterday. The doors actually close now. I don't think the doors have closed in......let's just say it's been awhile.

Today I need to run out for a couple of things (ink cartridges) and then it's back to working on the house & squeezing in a couple of more projects (maybe).

I hope you guys are enjoying your Saturday. It's cloudy (maybe rain) but that warms it up a little. The groundhog is saying that Spring is coming (hopefully). I've been scoping the seed packets at the store (lots of glass inspiration) and can hardly wait to start planting.

Later Alligator!!

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