Sunday, February 11, 2007


Sorry it's been a bit since my last post.......I have been a little busy with.....hmmm....some wire....yeah, I know I said I wasn't going to start with the wire stuff, but having a class every week is making it very hard to stay add to that, the fact that I have a ton of left over wire from my previous wire working/wrapping days least my mind is going on ways of incorporating all of these cool artistic endevors into one.....

Add to that, the flu going around and two of my kids already sick (one is taking a nap right now) & I have little time left over.

This coming week it going to be a whirlwind with Valentine's Day and another kid with a birthday. School activities & mid winter break (which is just a weekend with a day tacked to the beginning & end).

I only have two classes left to go & the teacher said we may get to use some sheet metal this coming Thursday. She seems nice as a person but she is everthing you shouldn't be as a teacher. She has made it obvious that she really doesn't want to be there and every time someone asks a question she makes that noise of "why are you asking this question, when you should have figured it out the first time I said it"...............I admit that this is one of the first classes I have taken. I'm self taught on everything I make, from books, video, the internet or just experimenting. However, I do think I'm able to tell a good teacher from a bad one......anyway......

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday.

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