Monday, August 14, 2006

Teen Driver

My daughter's second day on the job and she hits a mailbox (commercial) and leaves. I get a call from a very nice police officer who says if we can get it all squared away (we fixed the mail box) before he gets back from vacation, he'll call it good. However he does want to speak with my daughter about responsibility, which is fine with me. It totally freaked her out when I told her she could have gotten a hit and run ticket. That's the thing about being a "new" driver is that they still have A LOT to learn. I think she is definitely going to be more careful. I was concerned about her driving on her own but now that she has a job she had to pay for her own insurance, which I think it fair. She says some of her friends have to pay their own insurance and some have to pay for everything else instead. Like shampoo, toilet paper, the little essentials that you can't live without and don't realize someone else paid for, until you are out on your own.

I lost 4 beads this weekend to the small hand feel. I had them sitting on the counter in the kitchen in some water. When at some point over the weekend on of the kids thought they sounded really neat clanking together.....Oh well...that will teach me for leaving them within reach of small fingers.

I'm preparing for my trip to the ocean next week. I can hardly wait! I will be bringing some artistic (crafty) stuff with me to do while I'm there. That will be in my free moments between the pool and the beach. I think the boys are really going to enjoy having a week of their Mom all to themselves.

I need to run and make up for the beads lost this weekend. Hope you all are enjoying the waning days of Summer.

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