Friday, August 11, 2006

She's Better

My sister is back home. It turns out she had viral pneumonia. Originally they thought it was a blood clot then maybe a heart attack. They have nixed both of those but the viral pneumonia can sneak up on you and kill you while you feel ok. She is younger than me so it seriously makes me consider taking better care of myself.

I'm making lots of glass but won't have anything up until after I get back from the ocean. I will be gone a whole week with no access to the internet so that pretty much makes it impossible to put anything up. I want to get everything up and running when I get back. Including a website. I have really been preparing for this so maybe by next year I'll have a laptop to drag along with me.

The pictures at the top are of my crocheted hats. The light blue one is the first one I made and the purple one is my cowgirl hat. I like the purple one the best. I'm going to make another one. You put wire in the very last edge row so that you can shape the brim. I need to use just a single piece next time so I don't have to worry about all of the loose (pokey) ends sticking out.

I'm working on finishing a poncho and making a better spindle so that I can handspin some cool roving into yarn. Along with some claywork and continuing to clear out my house. My main focus at the moment is one of my work areas which is overun by fabric. The blind are coming next week so I need to get another load ready.

My daughter works her second day today and she's loving it. The have her scheduale all over the place so she's getting a good feel for what working is all about, but when she goes back to school they will have her on something more regular. It's going to be interesting to watch her balance school, work and debate this coming year.

I'm off to clear out some fabric. Enjoy your Friday!

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