Saturday, May 16, 2009


The week flew by! Only two I have to tell you about my Mother's Day. It was great! The boys all fixed me breakfast in bed and then I got to play my new Wii Fit! Talk about fun! That's the one thing I did manage to squeeze in all week. A 1 hour work out every day, so far. I don't know if I'll be able to do one today since we have a couple extra kids over this weekend but I'm going to try........and just so you know, this is something I've been wanting since Christmas! Yes, it's to get in shape and drop some weight! So far so good! I'll keep you posted on if it keeps me interested but so far anything that lasts more that a couple of days is, excellent!!

Two of my 3 boys were sick for a couple of days. Funny that is ended up being the oldest and youngest. I was pround of Duncan for getting up and going to school without a single complaint, but he said it's because he's got a great teacher. Two Thumbs up to Mr. Movius for keeping my son motivated!!!

I'm working on another stamp. This time I'm using the rubber that they sell. Feels like an eraser but it cuts like butter with the cool carving tools they have for it. I can see another hobby coming on. Dang!!!

Can you guess what the flowers are? No they are not stamps of any kind......

I also want to link you to another blog I just started watching called, Two Frog Home. I've joined they're "Doing, Not Thinking" Challenge. Yes, I do think I spend far too much time thinking about things instead of acting, so now's the time!!! Here are my goals:

1. to be working full time as an artist by September (when my youngest starts 1st grade). 2. to finish de-cluttering my house by the end of Summer. 3. to start completing at least one small project 5 days a week, by the end of June.

What do you think?? Click on the link if your interested. Her blog is geared towards natural living. Things like canning, composting and the like. Check it out!

The weekend is going to be beautiful so I'll be heading outside to get some gardening in. Maybe I'll pick some dandelions greens and give them a try. Lord knows, I've got plenty handing around the yard!

Later Gator!!

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