Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I Feel Another Stamp Coming On......

I like this stamp so much that I think I'm going to do a couple more. These are great for doodles and for passing time when I'm waiting for the computer or internet to do what it's supposed to. You can see that I have some rubber to carve on and a few tools which I bought awhile back. The first stamp I made was on a lino block. I think I'll enjoy carving the rubber more. We'll see!

This is my shoulder cat. He jumps up when I my attention isn't focused on him and rubs his face against the side of mine. He'll stay up there until the mouse pointer on the screen catches his attention and then I have to put him down to keep him off my desk.
It's another cold and rainy day. Supposedly the sun will be back for the weekend. I can only hope!!

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