Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Too Busy........

Lately it's always something that gets in the way of creating.......but I'm finding ways to work around it. Tiny ways, like crocheting or wire working when I'm waiting for the computer or talking to someone.

There are a couple of creative competitions fast approaching so I want to get entries completed for both. One is Bead & Buttons, Bead Dreams Competition. Deadline is April 6th. And the second is for Jewelry Lessons, Valentine's Challenge. Deadline February 1st. My idea for Bead Dreams is off from what I usually do, but the Valentines Challenge will be a ring of some sort.

I know I've been promising pictures but I've had kid things going on for the last few days. Lot's of Birthdays stuff, making cupcakes, going to the school, dentist appointments and some general shopping, while I have the truck to use. Tomorrow will be a bit more calm since I will be without a vehicle and all the "outside" the home stuff will be done (for now).

Gotta run! Back in a bit.

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