Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Month Of Birthdays

January is that month for us. Two of my boys have birthdays, my Mom, my Dad, a brother, Me and probably a couple I've forgotten (sorry). We are heading out to dinner tonight with my Mom and Dad to cover most of the kids. Chinese, Yummy!!!

The boys were out of school on Friday due to flooding of the roads around us. The rain let up a little yesterday but between the snow melting and the rain, this is the worst that we've seen in quite a few years. The boys now have 4 days of school to make up. I wonder how many more there will be this year.

I finished my route on Wednesday. It has been a little strange and my body is still adjusting to not working in the middle of the night. I'm trying to stay up a little later but want to keep a bit of the going to bed earlier schedule, because I like getting up early in the morning for my quiet (work) time.

I finished another cowl in a dark blue. It had adjustable button closures. I'll get a picture tomorrow but don't know how well it will show up with the dark blue. Dark colors are seldom
good for photo detail.

Speaking of dark colors, I'm back to black for my hair. I had quite the "stripe" running down the middle. Biggest that I've had in awhile. Looked kind of cool with a headband, but not so much when it was down. My hair has gotten really long and tends to look messy when it's not restrained in some way......I think it's time for a trim.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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