Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sick Kids....

2 out of 4 of my kids are sick.....ok, so one of those sick kids is fluffy. That's ok, cause it's just like one of your regular kids. The furry one (Cocoa) has seem to come down with some kind of flu. As of tonight she is doing better. I gauge my animals like children and she is drinking water and peeing (as long as we follow her out) like the kids. She has no desire to be alone, that was my first clue that she was sick. We'll see what the morning brings.

The other is Dakota (my 13 yo) got himself hit in the eye with the barrel of an air soft gun. Had he been wearing eye gear like he was supposed to.....this would have never happened! As that goes he has a bruised eyeball and retina. That could change at any time. If the retina proves to be more than a bruise they will have to do surgery. We will be keeping a close eye (no pun intended) on him for the next week.

In general my kids have been really healthy for the last 8 years with the exceptions of shots. I have now been into the Dr.'s more time in the last 4 months than I have been in the last 8 years. Infections, injuries and the like.......geeze......could this be a boy thing? I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

First day of school is next Wednesday! I have some new lampwork that is being cleaned and ready to go! It's different from my past work so I'm going to give it a little lag time. The Goddesses are the coolest yet!! I love them!!

I also have an Owl named Coral (A necklace) that is ready to go, but I haven't gotten her photographed yet. She is a fun piece! There may be some more wood pieces in the future.....we'll seee!

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