Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Shirt Looks Like This.....

I actually finished the shirt on Monday (score 1 for the anti-procrastination department) under normal (previous) circumstances I would still be working on this shirt I didn't make anything for me and decided to go with a black (lined) halter top and some denim shorts. Biker (casual) weddings really make dressing easy when you consider that jeans and a t-shirt work just fine.

I love the shirt JImmy is wearing but that's cause I made it and am a little prejudice. If you want to know where I got both the pattern a fabric, check out your local Walmart.

I haven't had even the slightest chance to work on any glass this week. Next week it will be much more back to normal. I have realized that being a driver (my fill in job for my sis) is probably not up my alley as a line of work. I like it, OK, but for the most part I miss being at home with my beasties (kids)! Although filling in anytime is always an option!

Saturday we are visiting Jimmy's cousin and his wife (my buddy) from the family reunion. I'm really looking forward to our visit.

I have ton of glass ideas going but it looks like Sunday (probably Monday) will be the soonest I have to "play".

Friday my 2 youngest boys will get the last of their shots for the new school year. Yeah, they will be all caught up for the coming school year. Another score for my anti-procrastination side!

Hopefully I will have some wedding pictures for you to see in the up coming week.

Enjoy your weekend!

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