Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Messing With My Page....

So I had to post.

I'm getting back into the swing of things for Fall. The weather even has a Fall feel to it. The last few days have been down in the 60's with a mix of rain, sun and some thunder.

Got up early both yesterday & this morning and will be hitting the torch again today. I'm trying to motivate for torching in the afternoon, though I'm doing my thing in the morning. My energy level seems to take a dive right around 2-3PM. I'll have to see if I can work around that.

I'll be taking the boys out Friday to get there school shopping done. They are all excited to be going back, or starting. Connor used the worked psyched, yesterday to describe his feelings about starting school. Funny!!

It's always amazing when Summer comes to a close because it seems like you just blinked and that's it, it's done, the kids are another grade older & bigger. Dakota passed me up in height this Summer too. I knew that was going to happen because the kid has probably grown no less than 6" this last year. Every time I walk by him I wonder what happened and how the heck did he get so big, all of a sudden??

I'm adding a picture of who will be my daily companion now, when the kids are away. Cocoa is my constant companion most days, when she's in the house, anyway, and tends to be at my feet or back depending on what I'm doing. She's a great dog!!
Enjoy your day!

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