Saturday, March 28, 2009

Uh Oh......

It looks like my oxy generator may need servicing. Dang! I'm going to try and give it another run this weekend but that may not be possible since I have a sick boy.

I did get a small hand full of goddess's and the like made. A couple mermaids too. The mandrel dip I use for my glass rings sucks, so I need to find something new. I've been losing about half the rings I make to being stuck on the mandrel and then having to be broken off....ARRG!

So this weekend is dedicated to getting Duncan well again and seeing what I do about my generator, and getting the beads I made cleaned and photographed. I'm sure there will be some crochet in there somewhere too.

Speaking of crochet here are some wire crochet rings I've been playing with and...........

My youngest son (not the sick one) in a surprise moment, cute huh!

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