Friday, October 10, 2008


How could I forget to mention that I'm having a sale over at my Art Etsy. 30-50% off all of the jewelry listed in my store. This is an excellent deal for the month of October. Pictures above are samples of what's waiting for you! Get em while there Hot! Excellent Christmas, Birthday or Just Because you deserve it! This sale only applies to my jewelry items and ends at midnight October 31st (Halloween).

Ok, that was my "Shameless Promotion" for the day :) Now I need to saw some copper and sculpt some clay. My one "free" day that happens every 2 weeks when Connor goes for the full day on Friday (every other one), which is actually a short day since the school district implemented personal growth day, last year, every Friday and they get out 2 hours early. The teachers are supposed to work on improved teaching skills and other ways to educate the children on the last 2 hours of the day. I guess it worked so well last year that they are doing it again this year. Personally I don't mind it and of course, neither do the kids (imagine that).

Off to accomplish some stuff while the gettin's good!

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