Monday, October 20, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Thanks to Cristina Amador,

The rules are as follows:

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7 facts about me...

1. I'm a huge Zelda fan. If I could get away with playing all the time I would, but because of guilt I play about twice a year. Just too many other important things to do. I'm secretly hoping for a Nintendo DS for Christmas.

2. My creativity started with sewing. I still have a room (literally) full of fabric and still get behind my Husqvarna now and then, but have pretty much moved on to glass, clay and wire for my creative outlets (see past blog posts). My hubby would love it if I would part with most of my fabric stash but hasn't he heard the rule "She who dies with the most fabric wins".

3. I shaved my head a couple of years ago after my Mom had brain surgery. It was a great "one" time experience, but I would do it again in a pinch for any of my close family in traumatic circumstances.

4. No one remembers me from high school (I was extremely shy back then) but I posted on classmates that I was an artist and have had a ton of hits (views) from those people who wouldn't know me from boo, even though we graduated together. Do you think those people will claim to remember me, if I go to my 30 year reunion?

5. I love tea and drink it all day long (black & green only). Favorites are Gevalia Jasmine (like a fine wine) and Trader Joe's Earl Gray. Flowering teas are wonderful for special occasions plus the bonus of being eye candy!

6. I'm pretty much a vegetarian living with a bunch of carnivores though I indulge in the occasional egg or tuna. I feel loads better since starting to eat this way plus the pounds have started disappearing, Yeah!

7. I dream of writing tutorials, articles or maybe even a book on creativity.

Here is my tag list!

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