Monday, October 13, 2008


Pretty Flowers
Doing The Limbo
Loving My Grannie's
Another Cool Sale Item!

That's what I feel like doing right now. Just got Connor off to school and Jimmy is home for Columbus Day. I didn't have a clue that it was a holiday today.

I started a paper route today. We could use the extra income with Christmas just around the corner and it's perfect because I can be home for the kids and still work on my art. I'll be learning the route over the next couple of days and luckily it's not to far away. If needed I can nap at certain times during the day to get in a little extra zzzzzz's. Funny I had started to adjust my sleeping habits over the last couple of weeks and I think it will help a lot. I'm normally a night owl.

Friday night we went to a "Family" dance at the Elementary school. It was a lot of fun and as you can see Connor really enjoyed himself, Limbo Baby!!

Have I mentioned that I collect Granny glasses? I'm not that old but I do use them a lot in the work that I do. Especially for detail. This is just one of the cool pairs I own. I keep at least one pair in every area that I work in. And have more on hand just in case. Yes, they do end up breaking from whatever the miss hap may be, but that's why you can never have enough. Plus who wants to waist precious time looking for the only pair you own. Usually they don't turn up for at least 6 months and then you find they have fallen behind a cushion or maybe one of the kids tried to swipe them just because they look cool (like maybe a camouflage pair that I own).

Anyway, I think I'm just rambling on right now. I hope you are enjoying your Holiday or just your Monday. It's rather rainy and a little chilly right now but I'm not minding it.

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Cristina Amador said...

Love your granny glasses! I don't wear glasses myself, but those are certainly cool.

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