Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trying To Decide......

It's down to the wire for our trip to the ocean and I'm having a hard time deciding what projects to take. In the end it won't really matter because I'm usually way too busy to do much of anything so..... I'll quit stressing about it and pack up a few goodies and see what I come home with.

I'm running extra long auctions on both Ebay & Justbeads. I want to maintain a presence on both sites while I'm gone. I had to let it go for one day on Ebay because the longest auction of them is 10 days.

The house is almost clean and between the daughter and the dog things should pretty much stay that way.
I will try to bring back pictures and keep your fingers crossed that it's not raining the whole time although we still have a good time no matter what the weather looks like.

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