Friday, June 06, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away........

So I was wrong about Summer being in the air. It's more like Fall all over again. The rain can be almost relentless at times. I suppose on some level I shouldn't be complaining, after all I live in the Pacific Northwest and aren't we known for our rainy weather?? However with Summer just around the corner and the very occasional nice sunny day. Most of the days lately have been in the 50's and pouring down rain. The weather people are saying that we are 10-15 degrees below normal (global warming, maybe??). Oh well, I'm keeping busy, at least.

I'm registering my youngest son for school today. We are both very happy about it. I was going to enroll him in full day kindergarten but I don't think the cost is worth it. Instead I will request for him to be in the morning program, because that is my most productive time of the day.

Have I mentioned my band (saxaphone) boy. He's 13 and LOVES his music. He loves a wide variety which is wonderful to see at his age and he's also developed a passion for neckties. How cool is that!!! He's going to try out for Jazz Band next year too. I hope he makes it although it will mean I have to drive him to school every morning because they have to be there and hour earlier than everyone else for practice but I love Jazz and it would be a blast to watch him play.

On the art front I have been busy, busy, busy! I have been trying to pull off 2-3 morning a week on lampworking. This week I was only able to pull off one but that's ok. Once the kids are out of school I should be able to get a better scheduale going. Plus since the weather has been cooler my time is a bit more productive. I've also discovered the world of books on CD or MP3. I love it and only allow myself to listen when working. Right now I'm on a Nora Roberts binge, though I love all types of books from Sci Fi, to Mystery, to edge of your seat Dean Koontz.

If you have some time check out what I have up in my Art Ebay and Just Beads. Nothing new in Etsy lately but I should be adding some things within the next week or two.

I hope you're all having better weather than me.

Enjoy your weekend!

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