Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Almost Here...

Summer that is, though I think we've missed Spring, for the most part, altogether. The kids will be out of school in a couple of days. I got my littlest one registered for fall but still need to get his boosters done.

The weather is sunny today with the occasional cloud or 10 moving through. A little warmer (60's) but a bit of a cool breeze blowing through.

I've been wrestling with internet problem over the last few days and think I'm finally going to have to give in to upgrading my service for a new modem. Of course it will speed my connection up a bit, too bad it won't work for my computer.

I sqeezed in a good couple of days of glass last week. I'm experimenting with writing on them. It's going well but I definetely need to work on it.
I've also been carving some small jewelryish items. Along with my shrink plastic. Polymer is on the back burner since my oven went on the fritz and I have no way of baking them at the moment. No matter what I'm working on it always ends being some sort of sculptural item, be it glass, wood or clay.
We are heading to the ocean next week. I will try to keep some auctions running while I'm gone and a bunch of stuff made to list when I return. My daughter will be here but she has no interest in helping to up keep by stuff. I understand since she's busy with work and such. Hopefully I'll have a laptop by next Summer. I will also be bringing some projects along to work on between the beach and the pool. My fingers are crossed that the weather will be nice and warm by then.
Hope you're all having a wonderful day!!

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