Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On With Life....

Christmas has come & gone. Now it's time to get back to "living". It does seem to me like everything goes on hold around the holidays except for preparing for Christmas. It could be because of all the kids we have (ya think).....needless to say it was an excellent holiday had by all.

Jim & I have set about getting some goals together for the coming year. The goals will be personal, together (him & I) & family oriented. When the new year begins I will post some of them and well see together how far we get on accomplishing some.

The kids still have a few more days off of school for their Winter break before they get back into the swing of things. Thankfully they have lots of stuff to keep them occupied.

I'm getting the living room back to normal and working, "again", on clearing more stuff out of the house. It really has turned into quite the long process but every little bit helps. I'm back at my torch and trying to make one or two sets a day. I have yet to get back to my clay but it's waiting patiently for me :-). I have a couple of more creative "ideas" in the works. One is doing something with my Mom's hair that involves needle felting. I haven't quite pinned down what I'm going to do but I know what direction I'm going in.

I'm also debating painting on some silk scarves. I've found that scarves (as in head ones) are not that easy to find these days. Particularly ones that I like so I'm thinking about trying to paint some of my own. My hair is already a "little" longer but I still haven't really adjusted to it. I have found that scarves are the look I like the best with the occasional hat thrown in for variety.

As it gets longer I'll post some more pictures and see what you think. I have found that there is such a thing as a "Bad No Hair Day". Who would have thought??

Well it's time for me to melt a little glass today. I hope you're all enjoying your Holiday Season.

Keep Warm & Take Care!

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