Monday, December 05, 2011

Been Gone Too Long.....

You know what I did? I went and got a job, it wasn't on purpose, but for now we could really use the income and the hours suit me. However, Mondays are not what they used to be, back when I looked forward to everyone leaving the house. Anyway, it is what it is and I refer to it as being somewhat of a "cush" job. Remember back when I was helping out delivering auto parts? Well they offered me a position. I told them that I couldn't be there early because I have kids to drive (zero hour class) and a young one who still needs someone to get them off to school, thinking this would pretty much disqualify me for working. Well, low and behold, they came up with a route for me that starts late enough and ends fairly close to home. The pay isn't too bad, and with Christmas just around the corner, it has been a blessing.

For some odd reason this has led me to knitting. Don't ask me why, but one of my girlfriends thought that maybe it was because I now needed something to stimulate me mentally, and it's portable. Now you know I crochet too, but for some reason knitting is taking the forefront, at the moment. Last night I finished a Slouchy Hat for my 16yo and will next be working on fingerless gloves and a particular round washcloth that I thought was cool looking. Oh and on the crochet front, it hasn't gone completely by the wayside as my 8yo is now learning how to do it. We started him chaining last night, and he is extremely pleased with himself, which pleases me!

Now it's time to head to work! Have a Happy Monday!

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