Monday, September 27, 2010

Maybe This Will Help.....

We have decided to do away with both the hard line (house phone) and the satellite dish (no cable either). The main reason for this decision was financial, but now (amazingly) everyone in the house is looking forward to it. Granted the phone isn't going to be a big deal, we are a cell dependent family. Everyone in the house (except the little guy) has one, and that's pretty much the main form of communication in this house with the exception of the computer. Now the television on the other hand, I thought would be a HUGE deal, but surprisingly the boys took it rather well. They have about a week before the "plug" is finally pulled and they will get to be "creative" with their time. It should be interesting to see what happens with all of us, I admit to enjoying my evening television time after the boys are in bed.

I know, I know! Where is that darn tutorial? Well it WILL be done tomorrow or Wednesday. Actually writing a tutorial is a new experience that I'm learning and enjoying. Now I know why it takes people awhile to come out with new ones. I will be looking for feedback once it's done.

On a weather note, I think the Earth has tipped and we are now sitting somewhere in the Southern Regions. It is warm and uncomfortably humid tonight. Worse than it's been all Summer or any Summer for that matter. Strange weather!

Enjoy your evening!

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