Friday, September 17, 2010

Guess What?

I got all of the photos taken yesterday! Now all I have to do is put it all together!

After I finished the belt I started on a "Stick Bag" for my oldest Dakota, who plays the drums. I'm thinking of posting a tutorial for that too, but it would be an "experimental" version. He tells me this is something drummers use to store their sticks in for "Gigging", and that it can be hung off of the drums while playing for easy access, in case one of the sticks should break in the middle of a song. I'm designing it off of the measurements and description he gave me of what one "should" look like. It will be interesting to say the least. Once I finish the first one, he can critique it and tell me what he wants changed.

I'm still feeling a bit tired from "whatever" it was that happened the other night, but I'm doing much better and it scared me bad enough to REALLY start taking care of myself. Being in my mid 40's and needing to lose weight I realize that carrying extra pounds is really not good  for my body. I also promised Jim that if it happened again I would let him take me to the hospital.

So for today, after the school morning rush I will see what I can do to get the seat belt tutorial up and running.

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