Sunday, July 05, 2009

Not Melting Glass

Looks like it's going to be shipped back for a once over. I was hoping to be back up and running with a new set of filters but it turns out that it's not the problem. Dang!

The last couple of weeks are ones I would prefer to forget. Too many surprises and none of them good. Yesterday was a nice break from everything up at Camano Island for a wonderful 4th of July celebration. Good people, good times!!

We are now preparing for a family reunion, next weekend, in Oregon. I'm really looking forward to it but also looking forward to settling back down for the rest of Summer and to get a jump start on my art. I don't expect that I'll see my generator before the end of July but hopefully sooner.

My clay has been sitting on one of my work tables "waiting" for me to create with it. I am way past due and have been doing more yarn yoga than anything else right now. I think it's helping to keep me centered. It's also my only "portable" art. To read more about my yarn yoga click on this link crochetchar.

I'll try to touch base again before we head out.

Have a great week!

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