Friday, June 26, 2009

The Ax Finally Fell......

Jimmy was laid off yesterday. We are looking at it in a positive light as a new opportunity for him to find that "perfect" job! He had actually started looking about a week ago for something new. I know that better things are to come from this, so watch and see : )

I talked to the company that I bought my oxy generator from and they want me to ship it back but Jimmy and I took a good look at it and I'm going to call them back today and see about replacing all filters. I have a feeling that with both the cat and dog hanging around my filters are hopelessly clogged, and it has filters on it that you just can't take out and wash.

The kids are settling into being out of school nicely, and spend most of their days outside playing with the their friends in the neighborhood, although the weather has kind of gone kind downhill, but it's supposed to get sunny again soon.

I do have a few more glass items left to list. I think I'm going to spread them over Etsy, JustBeads and ArtFire (my latest venue) and get some polymer clay things made while I wait for my generator to get going again. Keep a watch over the next week for things to start appearing!

TGIF!!! Enjoy your day!

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