Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heat Advisory....

So we may hit the 100's by Wednesday! Wooo hooo! Actually the bummer is that the heat saps your motivation/energy. Although I sat out the afternoon finishing up watching Torchwood: Children Of Earth. All I have to say about it, was that it was a mind blowing mini-series. Catch it on BBC America.

I'm finally dragging out my polymer after a few down days of car troubles and heat. I know I've been promising "things" for awhile but I'm finally working up to them and the ideas are starting to click in my little brain. In the meantime........

A $5 bouquet from the local farmers market.
Some candy cane and golden beets cooked up with some potatoes. The cool beets are from the market too.

A visitor that hung out on our deck for a day and hasn't been seen since. It was really cute and seemed to make itself at home. The boys were bummed, and so was I that he/she never came back.

And what boys do with my camera when they have far toooo much time on their hands. Speaking of hands...look closely......those are fingers.......NOT a hairy but!!!

Enjoy what's left of your Sunday!

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