Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Is Off To A Great Start!

Aside from a bumpy beginning, Summer is truly off to a great start! The family re-union camp out was a blast! Here are the boys hangin with our pup.

The day before he was deathly afraid of crawdads, but he awoke the next morning ready too, not just touch one, but pick it up! Very cool!

There was a ton of wildlife. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the rattlesnake Jimmy and I spooked. If rolled into the river and then slowly made it's way back out again. The picture above was on a morning walk we took and happened to catch some vultures sunning themselves.

We have been back for about a week and diligently working on the yard and house. All the broken down cars are gone (yeah!), and we've made several trips to the dump. This is in preparation for a new house next year.

This morning I noticed a new little friend hanging around the deck. I'll get pictures and post them tomorrow. I left some food out and am hoping he/she will get a little braver. The dog is chained up out there but it doesn't seem to bother this little guy.

My oxygen generator shipped out yesterday for repairs. Don't know how long it will take but lately it has been too hot to even consider sitting in front of a torch.

I didn't get a chance to work on anything creative while we were camping and it's taking a bit to get back into he groove since getting back, however I am working on a new clay "idea". Should have some results at the end of next week.

Time to get on with the day!

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