Monday, April 27, 2009

A Precarious Net Connection....

My Latest Plant Additions.....something low maintenance.....

Yummy!! From Trader Joe's and dirt cheap!!

My last batch from the kiln!

And a stamp I work on while I'm waiting for the internet to work! Cool isn't she!!

The internet issue has been going on now for about a week. I'm not calling again yet, because the outages are much less frequent, however if it doesn't stay on track soon I'll be back to the phone calls.

The weekend was extra busy between Chinese food on Friday, for 2 of my sisters Birthdays, and then dinner with the in-laws on Saturday. We always have a wonderful time visiting and the boys have a ball playing in their backyard with their cousin David.

The rest of the weekend was spent on the yard and house.

On the creative front I have been jumping all over the place. The good part is I'm actually finishing things that I've started. The bad part is that I'm still having trouble staying focused on any one thing for a long period of time. I'm beginning to think that this could be related to peri-menopause. I know that no one wants to hear about it but at 44 years young, I'm well into the throws of all the fun, with nights sweats, hot flashes, mood swings and a few other things I dare not mention. I'm really not apt to take any medications and am looking into natural remedies at this point. To say that I don't trust the medical community would be an understatement, since "they" almost killed my Mom several years ago and with drug companies pushing or being "pushers", to make, sell and get people addicted (or dependant) on their medications, I think I would be much better off sticking to natural medicine.

And on the word from my Aunt, both she and my Grandmother survived it just fine with out any manufactured hormones. I believe her words were "Isn't that what wine and chocolate were created for?". I do wonder if that was maybe the orgin for chocolate being created. So that men could give it to women during menopause, followed by some wine : D........

Speaking of wine. I intend to be conducting a little wine making experiment of my own. Since we have an abundance of dandelions, I thought I would try my hand at making some Dandelion Wine. The internet is full of recipes but I looked for one that was as basic as they come. No expensive equipment and kind of a quick make (1 month or more). The equivalent of Apple Jack if you know what I mean : ) I also found a recipe for some quick wine made from grape juice at the same site. Just click on the Dandelion Wine link. I'm hoping to get a batch started this coming weekend, I'll keep you posted on the results. Remember this is just for fun!

Anyway, I'm really trying to work on staying focused. I do remember a time when I was a child that I didn't have any problem working on things for hours as a time but since having kids of my own it's become an issue. Even when the kids aren't around I have trouble staying on task for more than 20-30 minutes except with lampworking. I can get in a good 2-3 hours session but don't last much longer than that. More recently (last couple of years) it has really become an issue and it's starting to drive me a bit crazy because I really want to start focusing on my art but seem to bounce around not quite finishing anything. As I said above, though.....this is something I'm really working on, so you should see me posting a bit more often.

Sooooo...... the pics above are recent events. Plants, wine, some lampwork and a stamp (in the process).

Enjoy your evening!

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