Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I have been busy, busy, busy!! I'm finally starting to accomplish some things I've been wanting to do for awhile and it feels, sooooo gooooood!!!

The first picture is of my Challenge item for the Tree theme at Etsy. It was fun to make and really got me thinking/creating even more things (in my head). I can hardly wait for the next Challenge. I'm back to doing glass too, though not as regularly as I would like but at least it's a start. I've been keeping a note book with all of the ideas that keep popping into my head and wonder how I will ever complete them all. The wire ideas have been going on for a long time, it was just finding the time and motivation to get started. The only bad thing now is that I have wire, cutters, pliers, ball peen hammers, and the like laying all over the house so I can work anytime I have a minute or three.

I hope you enjoy the new stuff check back often for more frequent updates. I promise to try harder!! ; )

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