Saturday, August 25, 2007

I Really Enjoy.....

My weekends alone.....of course they are never totally alone but I truely do enjoy my time. Even if I don't get much done. Jimmy took the 2 youngest camping this weekend. They could hardly wait to go. My oldest boy decided to have some Mom time, although he would never admit to it. Last time Duncan stayed home to play in a soccer game and Dakota went camping, but when Dakota found out that Duncan got ice cream & pizza......well the tables turned. So Dakota decided to buy a new video game and now he is in heaven with ice cream & pizza (frozen) & a new vid to play.

Jimmy is looking forward to a weekend of staying home. The next weekend should be that one. We decided to forgo the beach this year but are taking the kids to the fair instead, which can easily cost a small fortune. We did pre-buy the wrist bands so that the kids can go on as many rides as they like with the extra $$$$.

I should have some new stuff up tomorrow or Monday........well see.

I hope you have enjoyed your Summer I can't believe it's almost over already. I just took my oldest (Dakota) down to register for middles school. One more year to go until my youngest starts.....Full time ART here I come!!!!!!! Well probably part time....but I'm coming anyway!!!!

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