Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Already??

This is what happens when the end of Summer start to approach.........You blink and it's Friday, again.
I've posted pictures of a couple of rings I have been working on. The top ones are thanks to Eni Oken. One of her designs is the basis for the flower ring. A customer suggested I use one of my flowers in a ring design and I think it turned out pretty well, but both the flower and the ring need to be tweaked for me to be happy with them.
The bottom ring is not for the faint of heart. A big Pink Peruvian Opal with lots of copper wire & an accent pearl. I don't have this one up for auction yet but I do like it.
I've also been working on a proto-type design for the FMG contest. The deadline is the end of this month so times a wasting. I'm VERY HAPPY with the design that I've come up with & even if it doesn't make it into the semi-finals or finals it will be a design I will continue to tweak & play with.
Today I'm running my boys down for a visit with my Mom. A DVD movie afternoon for them & 3 hours, for me, to go to all the shops my boys hate going to. I could easily spend 3 hours in Barnes & Noble alone just looking at books & magazines, but I'm going to try & split my time between Trader Joe's & Jo Anne's too.
Happy Friday!!

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