Friday, July 28, 2006

It didn't felt.....

That hat that I crocheted, extra large, because I was going to felt it....well it didn't felt. No matter how hard I tried. Now this is because I'm a little s..l..o..w and should have read the yarn package...DUH!! It's a wool blend, but it's machine washable....oh well. Live and learn. The sandals I made are too floppy on the sole so I'm trying to figure out how to stiffen them up, but my boys love them and all want a pair, not in my colors, of course, but something manly. They stitch up really quickly too.

Today is a perfect glass day but it looks like I may not be able to squeeze it in. I have to finish up some exchange (clay) items and then I need to hit the grocery for Jimmy. He's out of his night time treat and he goes into withdrawl without it.

Have I filled you in on his habit?? He used to eat 1-2 Hershey Symphony bars every night (the 8 ounce ones). But after awhile he wasn't feeling well (I can't imagine why??) plus it was leaving what I refer to as "poop smears" on the bed. Icky!! Now keep in mind that he works construction and his metabolism processes it very well. He looks great for his 43 years. Well he decided to switch when he tried some of these jelly candies that I got for the kids. They are a close out item at the local Grocery Outlet. He wants me to head out today and buy up whatever they have because it turns out that they aren't availiable locally. In fact they are very popular in the U.K. and way too expensive to buy outright. The bummer about these at night is that they are sugar coated so they leave "sand" in the bed. Arrrggg!! I just can't win! To make a long story short (well maybe a long story longer), I'm going to start buying "test" candy to see if I can find him a new favorite that doesn't bother me in bed and cost a small fortune.

Sooooo I hope to squeeze in some glass sometime today......well see. We have friends visiting tomorrow and Sunday we may go to a car show so the weekends booked. Not like I ever had time on the weekends anyway, but as the Summer begins to wain it seems I have less time than ever.

Time to get on with the day. TGIF!!

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