Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Durian Cookies & Weaving.....

Durian Cookies (Bagged for Safety)

First thing I want to say about durian cookies is, hmmmm, well they smell bad! I mean really, really bad!!! So bad that it took 3 heavy duty zip lock baggies to block it! Believe it or not the taste is well, oniony. Yeah, I tried, one, and one was enough! I got the boys to try them too, and they agreed, yuck! At least by cookie standards. I forgot to take them with me down to my daughters and she has decided that she wants them. Mainly to keep people from sitting next to her on the bus, lol!
My wonderful Mom and lovely daughter : D

I had a great day with her on Friday. We went to lunch, at an excellent and unique Mexican restaurant (can't remember the name) on Broadway in Capitol Hill and then we hit Pike Place Market. I bought some rhubarb (the plants growing in my yard aren't very vigorous) and some Jicama.
My Elephant bag from Noreen Crone-Findlay's book The Woven Bag. Did you ever use one of the pot holder looms when you were a kid? Well this bag was made with one of those looms. This book has tons of great bags to make using both the pot holder loom and other small looms.

This little bear and his blanket were also made on the pot holder loom. You can find directions for the bear at WeaveZine an online weaving magazine. I learned that I don't particularly like working with nubby yarn for weaving. Maybe I'll like it better when I'm more experienced. However this bear is a quick weave project and fun!

I'm really liking weaving and made a couple of looms out of PVC pipe. Quick, simple and inexpensive. When I get them warped up I'll take pictures of them. First I need to decide on projects though........

Hope you had a nice Holiday weekend. It rained all weekend except for the last few hours last night. I'm hearing that we have a 1 day reprieve from the rain before it makes it's return tomorrow. I suppose this is a good thing since the kids still have a couple more weeks of school, but it would be nice to see the sun a little more often!

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