Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The End Of The School Year Is Fast Approaching!

I've been a slacker on the listing thing but have been busy helping out at the elementary school. I was doing the Art Docent thing for both my boys there and ended up helping make plaques in my Duncan's class. They are going to auction them off at the school carnival. It was an honor to be asked to help with this project. When I started doing Art Docent at the beginning of the year it was a little awkward for me but as the end of the year has approached I have started to "find" my inner teacher. I was teaching art in both Connor's 1st grade class and Duncan's 6th grade class. I found that the 1st graders were a much tougher audience. Lots of squirming and short attention spans as compared to the 6th grade preteens. But teaching both classes was fun!

On another note, I have begun to sell off a bit of my glass supply. Jimmy has been out of work for a year now and I won't be getting my oxygen generator fixed any time soon so the glass has got to go!! If you're interested, check my Ebay Dolphina33 . All auctions starting at .99. I just listed a 3lb 11oz lot of Bullseye this morning and there is some great glass in it. I also listed some original Double Helix Terra, that is no longer produced, and some ASK Lavender Fields. I will continue to list more over the next couple of weeks. Along with more books and magazines in my Etsy.

I suspect that the coming weeks will become even more busy as Summer approaches. Jim is frantically looking for work and there are signs of life beginning to show in the construction trades. I'm sure something will come up over the next few weeks.

I'll be heading down to Seattle on Friday with my Mom to visit my Daughter. I'm really looking forward to it and miss her since she moved out in September. She's very busy with 2 jobs and just turning 21. It's always a treat to spend time with her I'll try to get some pictures while I'm down that way.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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