Sunday, September 16, 2007

Clay Or Play Dough??

I was recently faced with that question from my 4 year old. Actually it wasn't really a question but him insisting that he needed to use my clay (polymer) instead of his playdough. After debating this with him for 20 minutes I got out some playdough and proceded to cover a little glass (heavy) jar with vines & pumpkins in orange & green. It worked great and convinced him that playdough was for him. Of course the vines & pumpkins began to fall off the next day as it was drying but now I've got all of the kids playing with playdough which is very cool!!! Even better I ended up teaching them all how to make pumpkins & calla lillies.

The school thing is really going well. I love getting up really early but am still working on schedualing my days better. I will be volunteering in Duncan's class on Fridays & Connor is going to love going to school & pretending that he's actually "going".

I haven't lampworked in a while. My cough is almost gone so I should be hitting the torch here in the next few days. I've also been working with wire & posting a few neckties & video games in my other ebay. It's time to start preparing for Christmas and getting rid of more stuff. You know it's closer than you think!

It's really starting to feel like Fall. It's been cloudy the last few days but not all that cool which is nice. Today it's actually raining which the weather guy didn't predict but it's still not all that cold. We have lots of blackberries & I've even made a crisp. Hopefully I can pick somemore before they start to mold.

Hope you're having a nice weekend.
Take care!

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