Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Venues

I'm looking into new ways to sell my wares. Etsy is at the top of the list & I signed up with them today although I don't have anything up yet. Ebay sales are slow so I'll be dropping prices there. I have a wonderful fan/customer who keeps coming back for more and I appreciate her more than she can imagine. I'm going to add a link to her ebay & website this week. She makes the coolest jewelry and is a Reiki Master. I'm hoping to get to meet her next Summer when we make our excursion to the ocean since she will be living in that area.

I'm still working on clearing out my house. I know it sounds rediculous that I still have more stuff to get rid of but have you ever heard of getting rid of the old to make room for the new. A new house is at the top of my list. We literally have soft spots in parts of the house and I'm not sure why, other than that this mobile has out lived its time. I'm going to look into the logistics of what it takes to see about getting approved to build on another part of the property while this house slowly deteriorates. Older mobiles are tough to repair and this one is really not repairable without ripping the whole thing down. We have maybe.....1-2 years left & we don't want to leave the area with the schools (for the kids) and property values slowly rising.

I'm taking one of the cars in for work tomorrow and going to pick up a alto sax (rental) for Dakota to start band next week. These kids are growing so fast is scares me. Dakota can hardly wait to get this sax and apparently made up his mind last year (I didn't have a clue) that he was going to play. He has already decided that he's going to be in the Jazz Band next year. This will be interesting to watch. Jim thinks it's cool and would like to rent two sax's but I don't think he could squeeze in the time for pracitice. We're just going to see how Dakota does and go from there. Did I mention that I love jazz so this is going to be very cool!

My daughter is on her way home so I need to free up the computer. I hope you all are enjoying your evening.

Take care.

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