Monday, September 11, 2006

A Little Space

Friday afternoon I began cleaning out my sewing area, which other than the occasional hem project had lain untouched since before my divorce over 7 years ago. I began to go through the piles of "stash" upholstery fabric that was taking up so much room I could barely move (first glass of wine). I figure if I "loosen" things up a bit I won't have so much trouble parting with this fabric that can be used for any number of projects that come to mind. I start sorting through the shelves that are overflowing with "stuff" (denim, pillows, various garment fabrics). Second glass of wine......My garbage pile and blind pile are growing. I have made enough space to move in a small table (my new claying area) from another part of the house. Now that I'm done (for the most part) I have a ton of stuff for the blind and a couple of huge bags of garbage. My sewing area is up for sewing again along with enough space to easily convert into a painting area and my new claying area are all set up. I did do some claying saturday and boy is it nice to have most of it nestled into one area.

However, I now have a bunch of boxes and bags that are in the way in the dining room waiting for the blind to let me know when they'll be in the area again. I do feel like I made quite the accomplishment.

I'm off to do some finishing up today and to get the rest of the house straightened up. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We are back to sunny, but cooler weather. There is definetly a Fall nip in the air.

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