Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

The kids are seeing the dark hole at the end of the tunnel. I think they refer to it as school :). Boy did this weekend fly by! We are heading out to visit one of my nieces who is in town from the Boston area. She'll be leaving at the end of the week and this is really the only chance we will have to spend some time with her. She's a couple of years younger than my daughter (15). Last Summer my sister sent out her oldest who's the same age as my daughter (17). Plus we will be stopping for the last clothes item, shoes & a quicky stop at Barnes & Noble. Just to browse...ok, so it probably won't be that quick but it's so much fun to stop there.

It's really hard to believe that Summer is coming to a close. I'm really going to miss the warm weather and yet I'm looking forward to a little cool down. It does make working in front of a torch a little easier.

I've finished crocheting two toy nets for my boys. I need to make one more. I used two different patterns and I'm going to make the third out of the tighter weave (pictures later). They are made from a heavier duty carpet yarn so they don't stretch as much. I tried making one from regular worsted weight and it had a little too much stretch to it.

I've just started scuplting with Super Sculpey and I love the feel. The color is a skin tone so I'll have to either paint it or add color another way but for scuplting it's excellent. It holds the form well and isn't too soft but it does take a little conditioning to get it ready though not nearly what regular fimo does. I still have some Kato clay that I need to try and I hear it's also an excellent sculpting clay so I'm looking forward to trying it plus it comes in several colors and is very economical. Fimo soft is too soft for almost anything, in my opinion (unless mixed) but the kids love it and they have a cool selection of colors. Good old scupley is right in the middles somewhere but their Premo is a great sculpting medium.

How did you like my clay assesment?? LOL....sorry I got a little carried away but who knows the information might be useful to someone.

Well I have the kiln heating up since I won't have time again until Wednesday to play with fire.

I hope you're enjoying your three day weekend.
Stay cool!!

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