Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Waiting for the color to develop.....

and thought that since I've failed again at blogging regularly I would catch you up on events of late. We made it through Christmas and New Year's without any major mishaps.  Actually everyone was very happy and that always makes me happy, since I tend to stress at the last minute about what was bought and what everyone is getting. There were no complaints! Yeah!

Oh and the color that's developing, is on my head, black to be exact.

Today is my day off. I have been helping to take care of my Mom since she had a rather nasty spill at the mall right before Christmas and it has been a very eye opening experience for me. A little role reversal of taking care of her, since she was the one who took care of and raised me. And realizing just how easy she is to take care of. A little cooking, and cleaning and then she wants to play Tetris the rest of the time, for pain management. Well that's how it was at first, but now she's starting to feel better and do stuff which makes me very happy, because it is very distressing to see your Mom in so much pain : (

On the creative front I haven't had a whole lot of time to do much of anything. I have been playing around with Tatting bit, since it's easily transportable, but haven't produced anything significant since........hmmmm....well it's been way toooo freaking long. This is my fault since I just need to make time, no matter what is going on. Tomorrow I'm going to take some polymer clay and see if I can get my Mom to start creating again. That's something that she's let go by the wayside for years. She used to do a bit of sculpting when we were kids and loves Ceramics but really hasn't done anything in forever, and I know she misses it a lot. I'm hoping I can motivate her and myself to create something.

In the meantime I'm playing catch up at home, as in catching up the laundry, dishes......and stuff.

One of these days I'll blog regularly........um, right.

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