Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It's November!!!

How was your Halloween? I have to say that the positive thinking for the weather worked. We ended up having a warmer than normal, and dry, Halloween. Talk about a nice surprise, and then yesterday it stormed and poured down rain all day. Nothing like a little "magic" to hold off the storm, eh? However we helped my daughter move yesterday and weren't able to take the truck due to the rain (and no canopy), but the Explorer worked great and we were done fairly quickly and without getting too wet!

I don't have pictures of my finished scull yet but here's a photo of what it looked like, in progress. Do you like the red? Looks a bit bloody but it's really red Victorian pictures. I like the look because at first it's looks icky and scary, but if you get up close you can see Fancy Ladies and Birds and Trees. The two glass cabochons on the right are an experiment in big pendants. It will be interesting to see how they turn out.


I'll leave you with our Jack O' Lanterns and a scary boy for Halloween.

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