Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Prayers For Zack

My friends son has a bacterial infection that's so bad it put him in the hospital. He's going to be in for at least the rest of the week while they try and figure out which antibiotic to put him on and make sure it doesn't come back. What started as a pain in his ankle (thought it was a sprain), turned into a fever and vomiting (thought it was the flu) and then him screaming about the pain in his leg. At his second Dr. appointment they finally told the parents to take him to the ER. I took her other 2 (kids) for the day and night. She has great kids who happen to be great friends with my boys. And I think She and I are kindred spirits. She has been run through the ringer and the ringer isn't over yet. The scariest part about all of this, is that they just don't know how these kinds of infections get started. The aren't contagious and just seem to happen at random and they are serious enough to kill someone. Zack we are praying for you to get better soon!!

I did squeeze in a little time at the torch this afternoon. The boys started Winter break with a half day today but it didn't take long for them to interrupt me a half dozen times while I was torching. That cut my session short, while I looked for the duck tape (kidding). The chilly pouring rain and wind didn't help. They are getting pretty excited as we approach the home stretch of the Christmas countdown (EEEEEK!!!). I'm still not quite ready but I'm working on it.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to head out with my Mom but we haven't confirmed it yet. Maybe I'll be able to finish up...........

A couple of pictures of auctions starting tomorrow night.

Have a good one!

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