Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hibiscus & A Ring

My flower bloomed. Isn't it pretty! I love hibiscus and have a couple of ornaments made with a hibiscus theme. I also finished another ring. This one with peruvian opal and lavender pearls. I really like the copper but I do have some sterling around and might try a couple in that, maybe with some bone faces.
Tonight is book club. The book we read is The Skeeter Daddle Diaries~Reflections of a South End Nettle Farmer. A funny book with bits and pieces of one of the local (Camano Island) artist. This is a hard to find book if you decide to look for it. The author is Jack Archibald. A good read and my copy is autographed, Thanks Auntie!!!
Today I started making room for a Christmas Tree. We are going to be getting one this weekend. This is probably the last year we will buy a real tree. I'm ready to go with a "fakie" for convience, time, $$ and the hoard of pine needles that don't shed all over the floor. We will be checking those clearance sales after the 25th.
I'm really looking forward to the end of the week. It seemed to be a long one.......

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