Monday, June 25, 2007


Two pretties from my garden.

Having the kids out of school is a little bit of an adjustment. The weather has been a little nuts too. We had quite the thunder, lightning & rain storm last night. This morning was a little cloudy but it seems to be back to sun now.

My daughter was back to work today. She made it to the semi-finals but got knocked out in the end. She was glad to be home & we didn't end up getting back from the airport until about 1:45AM. Boy did that throw my schedule off. She is now saying that she will be going to college in the Fall but I'm going to wait & see on that. I'm hoping she does. She needs to have her own car by the end of Summer too. She's gotten a little too comfy driving my van around.

I listed a few more things on both Ebays. Nothing on JustBeads & no new additions to Etsy yet.

Have you ever been to Trader Joes? It's a really cool grocery store. They carry a variety of things & I can always find something I "need" from there..... I highly recommend there wine (Merlot & Shiraz), Champagne Pear Vinaigrette, Halva (Sesame candy) & any number of their dried fruit. The store in general is just fun to look around & see all the unique items. Go, if you have one near you!
Enjoy your evening!!
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