Friday, April 27, 2007

A Question

If you had a job that paid better than you had ever been paid in your life but your boss was a psycho, and I don't mean just a little bit nuts. I mean full blown should probably be committed but is still able to run a business, pyscho. Would you stay?? The answer in our house is NO. I have always taught my children that no matter how much money you make, you had better like what you're doing because in the end if you hate your job, it won't be worth it. My honey just learned that, the hard way. He truely tried to stick it out for as long as he could but in the end he just couldn't justify working for someone who was totally off their rocker. His boss literaly made the job a Hell On Earth. Luckily he literally walked from that job to another. The money isn't as good but his sanity is still intacked & he's a lot happier.

I'm still working with my glass, polymer & fiber. I will be teaching a wire ring class next month at the local Ben Franklin. I'm a little nervous but I think it'll be a ton of fun. I have a lot of pictures that I need to take to show you what I've been up to.

The end of the school year is fast approaching & the kids can hardly wait. We have new kids in the neighborhood & that's a bonus because they all get along. Who knows, maybe after the kids get out of school I'll be able to get more done ;).

All done for now.....TGIF

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