Thursday, April 03, 2008

Making Plans

I was on a roll and then I got a little off track. I can actually say that it wasn't my fault this time (most if the time it is). Now with this little drama out of the way I'm back to the jewelry....YEAH!!! The weather is on the upswing again after spending all last weekend snowing???

As you can see by my latest work, wire has become my THING! I still love to lampwork too but the prep time is a little longer which makes picking up the wire much easier. I'm really working on trying to finish the projects that I start. I usually have not less than 3-5 projects going at once but as soon as I realize I'm starting another (hey, it just happens when the ideas are flowing so fast) I stop myself and backtrack to finishing the first ones. I've had a couple of prototypes in the works. One turned out fairly well, but not as eye catching as I would like and the other is way prettier but not functional as a piece of jewelry. I'm working to find something as eye catching and functional in the same piece. I'll get some pictures for you when I come up with the "perfect" one, with a progression of how I arrived at that point.

For now I have some wire calling.

I hope you're all having somewhat of a Spring day!

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