Saturday, January 05, 2008

Renewed Energy!!!

I'm feeling like I have a lot of renewed energy these days.

New Year's Eve was great! We spent it with my sister Cheron, her girlfriend Jessie my niece and her friend. The kids ended up on the Wii most of the evening. It was interesting to see my niece. She has the goth look going on right now. My oldest son, Dakota, looked totally shocked when he saw her but the Wii was a great ice breaker and they got along great. The girl has balls of brass and took the ribbing well, over her new look.

The kids eased back into school this week with only 2 days, which was nice. They are quickly approaching the middle of the year and that means I'll be registering my "baby" for kindergarten shortly.

The weather here has been wild and windy, to say the least. Thankfully there hasn't been anymore snow and even with the wind, the power has stayed on for the most part.

A new year has meant me reorganizing my time and how I spend it. This will be a great help in me getting more done (hopefully). 2008 is going to be much better in so many more ways than 2007.

On the art front I have a couple of new things on ebay. I'm redoing what and how I list things on my other ebay and actually contemplated opening a store until I saw that they double the fees in some things, so in the long run I think it evens store for the moment.

I'm also going to work on increasing my exposure in all of my artistic arenas.

That's it for now.......

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